Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Tue PM-- Just under 100 km south of Krakow lie the Tatry mountains that border Slovakia, with peaks at around 8000 ft. On the Polish side at the base, Zakopane is a very cute little village with shops, trams partway up the mountains, and ski lifts even further running in the winter. The traditional architecture is like the picture. Irene used to come here with her father, and the main town to the north, Nowy Targ, is where the summer camp that Irene went just before war broke out in 1939 (old photo of her from the exhibit, see earlier post).

So we spent a beautifully clear afternoon and evening strolling and enjoying the incredible views of snow-capped peaks all around. Just around the corner from our hotel, Giewont, we had dinner (more meat!) and a VERY loud traditional Polish folk band (cello, viola, 2 violins) in some weird tuning played almost dischordant music and singing. It would have been nicer softer. But we had a great time and got back very late.


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