Wednesday, May 18, 2005

At the bus station

So we hoofed it to the bus station a bit early so that we could poke around before meeting mom & Edward and Mel & Marina. It turns out the bus station is at the train station, which is very pretty inside. The old European train stations typically had lots of wood panelling and ornamentation. The picture shows one of the bezillion chandeliers. The old gas mantles have been replaced with flourescent screw-in bulbs, but are still exquisite. Unfortunately, you must be very careful not to walk underneath them since the windows to the station are left open and the pigeons find the chandeliers quite nice place from which to spot crumbs and such. Splat!


At 3:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your trip BACK to Poland.

My family-Tarnay from Vermont-love and ADMIRE beautiful Irene.

She walks and carries a story in her heart that I often wonder how ones continues to laugh and love life.

She said to me LUCK plays a big role in surving.

My heart is heavy when I think of history, past and present, just how horrible man can be. But I also know the sweet stories of kindness.

Thank goodness there continues to be random acts of kindness.

I wish for 1000 years of peace and pray it begins TODAY.



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