The Botkin-Robins

Elijah-- Quotes of Note

11.95-- Elijah was asking about night vs. day, so we dragged the globe down from the attic, I put a post-it note with a big X where we live, gave Elijah the flashlight, turned out the light, and we had a science class. He seemed to really get it, how when it's daytime here, it's nighttime in Japan, etc. His last comment? "We live on that post-it note?" I reponded as only a wise professor could. "Time for bed."
06.95-- (Elijah) Dad, are you gonna die?...(Dad) Not for a very, very, very long time....(E) I don't wanna die. It's not fun to die. You go tell the die people that I don't wanna die....(Dad) There are no die people to tell, but you don't have to worry about that. We're all gonna live for a long, long time... (E) You go tell the die people. They're very, very far away, in Cambridge....
10.94-- (sitting around the dinner table eating roast chicken)....(Elijah, pointing to chicken) can it walk??...(Dad) no, it can't walk...(E) why can't it walk??...(D) because it's dead...(E) why is it dead??...(D) because we're eating it...(E) is it real??...(D) yes it's real...(E) where's its face??...(D) it doesn't have a face any more...(E) I think I see its face......
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Brad Botkin